A Swim Kid’s Take on Swim Parents

A Swim Kid’s Take on Swim Parents

I’ve been asking my daughter to write something for the blog. She hasn’t done it so today I interviewed her. I’m still chuckling! I’m not kidding … one answer made me laugh for a while. Crazy kid!

What do you like that we do to support you?

FOOD! You replace stuff when our stuff breaks. You tell me my heat and lane when I forget … you’re on it when I’m not. You’re always there with a backup plan even when we don’t know it. You drive us all over to all the weird meets but we always get there somehow.

What do we do that is weird?

You cheer so loud and I can’t hear you unless I’m at the wall or on the blocks. It’s embarrassing but I don’t like when it’s not there. It’s depressing if I don’t hear it before a race.

What do you love about swimming?

Some days I don’t die. It is a stress reliever because if you get really mad you can take it out in the pool and not hurt anyone. Swimming is what I do.

What do you hate about swimming?

Some days I die. It can get really intense. Some days you get to practice and you think, “I shouldn’t have shown up today.” Then you get to the main set and you think, “Yeah, I really shouldn’t have shown up today!” 

What’s your best swim memory?

NASA (Dolphin Elite Showcase Classic). It was a crazy fast pool and crazy fun!

What’s your worst swim memory?

Diving in and having my goggles fall off on an 800m! I had to swim it in a salt water pool … it HURT! Afterward the coach thought I was crying. I said, “I’m not crying … my eyes are burned!”

What’s your most embarrassing moments in swimming?

Slipping and falling on the pool deck my first day at a new team in front of everyone! I wanted to die. Cheering for a teammate through an entire heat and then realizing they are swimming the next heat. I’ve actually done that with my little sister.

What makes you keep setting goals and reaching for more?

I frankly can’t remember when I didn’t swim. It’s still fun. It’s what I do.


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