Time In the Pool Clears Away the Clutter

Time In the Pool Clears Away the Clutter

Adolescence can be awful. Beyond school and homework, the social aspects of growing up through adolescence is just … well … hard! At the pool last night a parent talked about time in the pool providing a great mental break for swimmers. They had time to think outside of school and social pressures. I provides a chance to clear your mind of the clutter of “stuff” and focus on a single thing.

I would like 2 hours of escape a day!

It made me think. I would like 2 hours of escape a day! It’s not necessarily escape because a whole lot of hard work is taking place, but it is centered on a single thing. It could be making in interval or catching up to the person you are constantly chasing. Maybe it is honing the skills for a stroke or working on starts. Whatever, it isn’t life’s clutter. It is focused and during those distance times it is a chance to clear the mind. It’s just the swimmer in the water stroke after stroke.

There’s something to be said for this. If you do a search on the benefits of competitive swimming you will see a lot of articles about the health benefits, but I think it goes far deeper than that. Swimmers learn a work ethic that often goes far beyond what many adults know graduating college. I don’t think I have ever considered the benefit to the psyche of a swimmer. Weigh in with me. What do you think? I know I can take a swimmer who is having a bad day, in a bad mood, struggling all around to the pool, and go home with a happy, sweet kid. I’ve really noticed that benefit lately after a long Summer.

I don’t agree with everything in this article, but there are a few good points. Check it out.

10 Hidden Benefits of Swimming

I really would love to hear from other swim parents on their thoughts about this.

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