Fabulous Swimsuit Vendor Misadventure

Fabulous Swimsuit Vendor Misadventure

My swimmer has a favorite swimsuit vendor – Hardcore Sports (hxcsport.com). We used to swim with the Southern California region and this vendor was at big swim meets. They make really cool suits and now that we are on the opposite coast my swimmer loves to get their suits and wear them because literally no one else has one. She decks herself out with logos, caps and, most importantly, their suits!

They are super cool and super different.

As a mom, I like their suits because they last a LONG time. They have good coverage and I can buy their grab bags, which are extra team suits they’ve designed for various teams. They are super cool and super different. We always look forward to the package to see what one will come.

Here’s where the adventure starts! The end of June I ordered a grab bag for Grace. I paid through PayPal and typically, with this company, I receive a shipping notice within just a few hours. They are VERY responsive. A couple days went by and I thought it odd I hadn’t gotten anything. I looked and the order had gone through, the money cleared, but the ordered then somehow cancelled. I called right away and the girl hadn’t a clue what happened but promised to send out a suit immediately.  They have pretty fast shipping so 2-3 days later the suit arrived.

I was contacted right away.

IT WAS SO COOL! Well, it was cool until Grace noticed the tag said one size, but the suit said a bigger size.  Ummmmm. We’d gotten the suit from the mailbox on July 4th, so I didn’t expect anyone to be working, but I shot off an email about the mixup. I was contacted right away. A replacement would go out the next day with a shipping label to send the other back.

In 2-3 days we got the replacement suit. IT WAS SO COOL! Well, until we realized it was a water polo suit. I called right away and the rep was appalled! She offered an off-the-rack full-priced suit for replacement. Sophia looked at their designs and chose a cool one and it was on the way. I packed up the 2 suits in the pre-paid envelope and sent them off.

I got an email back within just a few hours.

In 2-3 days we got the replacement suit. IT WAS SO COOL! Grace put that sucker on and we took off for an early morning practice. Sophia came over and said, “It has holes in it.” Sure enough … that adorable suit had 2 small holes right near one of the logos. Could not believe it!!! I snapped a picture of the holes and sent an email. I got an email back within just a few hours. His words, “Seeing as there are two holes right next to each other it’s definitely a pair of our trimming scissors snagging the suit. I’ve never actually seen one of these suits make it into inventory but it just happened to go out on an order we had already screwed up on. Twice. Perfect.” He sent us 2 replacement suits and told us to keep the one with the small holes. So for the price of a grab bag ($30), we got 3 suits from our favorite vendor. I thought the second suit was a mistake but he said, “I intentionally sent two. We have quite a few in our grab bags and we couldn’t have messed up an order any more than we did yours. We don’t want any upset customers and I’m glad we have such a loyal one in south Florida. We need more like that everywhere. Thank you for your patience!”

We love this vendor!

Let me tell you … my swimmer will wear that suit with the little holes until she can’t wear it anymore!
And she has 2 other fabulous suits now, too! We love this vendor! I told all the swim moms and one said, “I think I will buy a suit from this place. I’m impressed!” And … no … I’m not getting paid to advertise for them.

It is possible to have a comedy of errors and still have a satisfied customer because of your response to the errors. We will continue to order their suits and I will continue to tell everyone what a great company they are to work with.

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